Hamburg, May 15th 2017 - Just in time for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, sound designer Ben Burtt comes to Hamburg. As part of the 7th International Hamburg Summer School for FilmMusic GameMusic and SoundDesign the four-time Oscar winner will conduct a masterclass from June 30th to July 2nd 2017, and report on his work on June 30th 2017 at a public audience event.

Ben Burtt has developed among other things the famous sound effects for the Star Wars films. He brought the Lightsaber to "sound", developed the language and the sound of the droid R2-D2 and created the heavy breathing of Darth Vader. In addition, Burtt used the most famous cry in film history, the so-called "Wilhelm Scream", in his films and became his trademark.

"It is a great honor for us to welcome Ben Burtt in Hamburg. The three-day masterclass with one of the most important sound designer in Hollywood is another highlight in the history of MediaSoundHamburg", says initiator and organizer Achim Esser-Mamat.

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The Birth of the Lightsaber: Star Wars creator George Lucas, actor Mark Hamill and sound designer Ben Burtt discuss the concept and creation of the lightsaber.


Since 2011, national and international film composers, gamemusicians and sound designer have been taking part at the Elsa Braendstroem Haus in Hamburg-Blankenese, focusing on international industry professionals and renowned experts. In various workshops, masterclasses and forums, the participants work on concrete projects for ten days and receive new ideas for their artistic work. Previous guests in Hamburg were, among others, Patrick Doyle, Michael Nyman, Chris Huelsbeck, Randy Thom, Christopher Young, Alva Noto, Michel van Dyke and Hauschka.

For the seventh edition of MediaSoundHamburg are expected in addition to Ben Burtt, Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, MasterClass FilmMusic), Youki Yamamoto (Harry Potter, Meryem, MasterClass Orchestration) and Merlin György (MasterClass GameMusic).

For the fourth time the composition competition Young Talent Award MediaMusic takes place as part of MediaSoundHamburg. In addition, young musicians, composers and sound designer can apply for scholarships. A scholarship includes  free participation in any masterclasse, workshop, forum and special event as well as accommodation and board. Application deadline for award and scholarships is May 23rd 2017.

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