Young Talent Award MediaMusic

Briefing for the Young Talent Award MediaMusic Composition Competition 2018
Soundtracks inspired by the (stories inspired by the) paintings of Edward Hopper

In the 2018 Young Talent Award Composition Competition composers are invited to write a new (media) music composition for the Kaiser String Quartet.

THE Jury

Kaiser Quartett

Than van Nispen tot Pannerden (President)

is a Dutch composer for media and calls himself interactive music strategist. He is member of the board of the Music Institute for MultiMedia MiMM and co-founder of the platform DutchGameMusic.

The winner is invited to attend MSH MediaSoundHamburg (June 8th - 17th 2018) including free accommodation and board.
(Travelling expenses are not included)

Application Deadline: May 1st 2018

Age Limit: 35 Years



In this year’s composition competition the overall theme of the competition is “Storytelling”. In the early phase of a film, commercial or video game, there is often a concept, an idea and/or plot illustrated by a more or less worked out storyboard. In this phase composers are often invited to already start the composition process, without knowing the actual time and timing of events and cues. In this YTA composition competition a story and/or painting can be chosen from the book. Composers are then invited to interpret the story with their own (original) musical idea, say “Soundtrack”.

The winner is invited to the PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY YOUNG TALENT AWARD MEDIAMUSIC on June 13th 2018 during MediaSoundHamburg.

All entries should be in the form of an audio file. We highly recommend and appreciate attached sheet music, mockup files for your piece and a short written explanation of the context/progression of your piece.

The winning music piece will be performed by the Kaiser String Quartet from sheet music. We encourage you therefore to write for string quartet, but will also accept orchestral and hybrid orchestral entries. The winning piece will be arranged, and if need be, re-orchestrated for a performance by the Quartet, possibly with backing Track.

Participants should send all their material (audio, sheet music, and / or description) before May 1st 2018 to

The international jury will be award winning composers Nicklas Schmidt (Denmark), Stephan Eicke (UK/Germany) and Than van Nispen tot Pannerden (The Netherlands).
More information:

The book, titled IN SUNLIGHT OR IN SHADOW (ISBN 978-1-68177-559-3) contains 17 stories inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper. In this composition competition you‘re invited to compose a new soundtrack to one of the 18 paintings / 17 stories.

One of the pictures (Cape Cod Morning), doesn‘t have a story (yet!). Maybe it will see an award winning composition, though ... ?

The book IN SUNLIGHT OR IN SHADOW can be ordered here!

New York Movie, 1939

Cape Cod Morning, 1950

Nicklas Schmidt is a Danish composer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Winner of the 2017 Carl Prisen Award and double nominee for the 2017 Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

He holds a masters diploma with honors from the St. Petersburg State Conservatoire, and a post graduate soloist-composers diploma from the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Stephan Eicke worked for the only European film music magazine, Cinema Musica, for eight years, four of which as the editor in chief. He has written the music for over 50 radio dramas and advertisements as well as short films. In 2013, he founded the CD label Caldera Records which is specialised on the release of film scores. He has written countless articles, essays, interviews and reviews for several publications and is currently writing a book on film music. He has also given lectures and hosted film music events in Europe.


Kaiser Quartett is a contemporary string quartet, founded 2004 in Hamburg, Germany initially under the name Strings DeLuxe. The founding members, violinists Adam Zolynski and Jansen Folkers and cellist Martin Bentz were joined by Ingmar Süberkrüb on the viola in 2012.
The quartet first came together to record music for the animated children series « Little Amadeus » under the musical direction of Martin Bentz. Following its broadcast on German children’s channel KiKa and in over 60 countries worldwide, in 2006 « Little Amadeus » won a prestigious Klassic Echo award.
For that production, the quartet developed their own unique style, characterized by a flexible string sound that has the rare ability to satisfy both the need for delicacy and the fuller sound often required for film scores or the recordings and concerts of musicians who push the boundaries of traditional classical music. Since then, Kaiser Quartett is a sought after ensemble for studio productions and live concerts by artists from a wide variety of musical genres and can be heard on numerous Gold and Platinum albums.

In 2011 the quartet began their collaboration with pianist and Grammy award winner Chilly Gonzales, playing at concerts in Hamburg and Berlin for the release of the pianist’s “The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales” album that combines orchestra and rap. There followed a series of concerts at the Philharmonies of Berlin and Munich, the Salle Pleyel in Paris and the now infamous annual New Year’s concert at Philharmonie Cologne.

In 2014 the quartet collaborated with Chilly Gonzales in his musical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Shadow”, which won an adaptation award given each year by the author’s heirs and with Canadian artist Socalled, also bringing his musical “The Season” to the Kampnagel Summerfestival.
In 2015 release of Chambers, an album recorded with Chilly Gonzales, produced by Renaud Letang (Manu Chao, Feist) and featuring Kaiser Quartett that re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today’s addictive pop, with the attitude of a rapper. A year long world tour in support of Chambers, was the opportunity to see the Kaiser Quartett live in the world’s most prestigious venues in Europe and the United Kingdom, with stops in Canada and the United States.
Recently the quartet collaborated with artists like “room29” (Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker, release DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON), Boys Noize, Daniel Hope (release DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON), Boy, Gregory Porter (Elbjazz 2017) and is working on their first solo project.


2014: Alin Oprea (Germany)

2015: Simon Schmidt (Germany)

2016: Hayat Selim (Egypt)

2017: Maxime Hervé (France)

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