Young Talent Award MediaMusic

Briefing for the Young Talent Award MediaMusic Composition Competition 2017
Live Music with Kaiser String Quartet

In the 2017 Young Talent Award Composition Competition composers are invited to write a new (media) music composition for the Kaiser String Quartet.

In this year’s composition competition the overall theme of the competition is “Storytelling”. In the early phase of a film, commercial, or video game, there is often a concept, an idea and/or plot illustrated by a more or less worked out storyboard. In this phase composers are often invited to already start the composition process, without knowing the actual time and timing of events and cues. In this YTA composition competition a storyboard is provided and composers are invited to interpret the storyboard of their own story with their own (original) musical idea.

The winner is invited to the PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY YOUNG TALENT AWARD MEDIAMUSIC on July 28th 2017 during MediaSoundHamburg.

The storyboard narrative (and of the composition) is as follows:

THE Jury

Kaiser Quartett

Than van Nispen tot Pannerden (President)

is a Dutch composer for media and calls himself interactive music strategist. He is member of the board of the Music Institute for MultiMedia MiMM and co-founder of the platform DutchGameMusic.

The winner is invited to attend MSH MediaSoundHamburg (June 23rd - July 2nd 2017) including free accommodation and board.
(Travelling expenses are not included)

Application Deadline: May 23rd 2017

Mark Griskey is an American composer for video games, movie trailers and T.V. promos.
His credits include among others
Marvel Heros (video game) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.
In 2013 he conducted the MasterClass GameMusic at  FilmSoundHamburg.

Sebastian Bulas is one of the founders of the THREAKS GmbH and one of two CEO‘s of the company. He is producer, art and audio director.
He attends Game Shows all over the globe and gave talks at conferences like
GDC San Francisco, Cebit and the Expo 2015.

Merlin Györy worked for many years as an electronic music producer mainly in Berlin and Toronto. Today he is a composer and sound designer with a deep dedication for commercial and indie games.
This year Merlin conducts the MasterClass GameMusic at MediaSoundHamburg.

1.“​Once upon a time, a young composer received an invitation for a composition competition for Media Sound
      Hamburg and thought this was really what he/she was looking for!​”

2.“​The young composer works and works, the composition gradually gets created.​”
      The process of composing (this can be anything, this part of the story is completely up to the participant)

3.“​The jury has listened to the piece and decides that this composition should be played by the
      Kaiser String Quartet at MediaSoundHamburg 2017!​”
      Consider this part as the ‘Happy End’

All entries should be in the form of an audio file. We highly recommend and appreciate attached sheet music, mockup files for your piece and a short written explanation of the context/progression of your piece.

The winning music piece will be performed by the Kaiser String Quartet from sheet music. We encourage you therefore to write for string quartet, but will also accept orchestral and hybrid orchestral entries. The winning piece will be arranged, and if need be, re-orchestrated for a performance by the Quartet, possibly with backing Track.

Participants should send all their material (audio, sheet music, and / or description) before May 23th 2017 to ​

The international jury will be award winning (game music) composers Mark Griskey, Sebastian Bulas, Merlin Györy and Than van Nispen tot Pannerden. More information: ​