BECOME AN INTERN @ MediaSoundHamburg!

Be part of our team and meet musicians, composers and directors from all over the world. The internship starts July 6th and ends at July 19th 2016.
Please send your application to:

You will be interviewed via SKYPE.

Job description:

Working in shifts; running the reception; running the bar; technical assistance; care of guests; care of lecturers

Participation in events:

In agreement with the team a free participation in different events of MediaSoundHamburg is possible.

Download application form!

Deadline: May 31st 2016

„MediaSoundHamburg is a great experience. As an intern I was able to meet many other talented and fun interns, as well as valuable contacts and industry insight. I highly recommend MediaSoundHaburg to anyone needing more insight, information and/or some help getting in the door. They bring a fun and essential experience to those in need.”

– Derek Walker, Intern MSH 2015 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

„The best thing about MediaSoundHamburg, what I like most, is the creative and motivational environment that has been arised, which is very inspiring.“

– Adrià Serra, Intern MSH 2015 (Barcelona, Spain)

„When a bunch of creative people are coming together especially from all over the world, it´s always inspiring, fun and crazy. MSH MediaSoundHamburg is a great place for that. Combined with the great masterclasses and other workshops, there is a lot of knowledge to collect.”

– Aram Sepehri, Intern MSH 2015 (Hamburg, Germany)

„MSH was an incredible opportunity for me. Being able to discuss with and learn from professionals in the audio and music production fields is a once in a lifetime chance. I recommend anyone interested in audio production to look into the program.”

– Julian LeFort, Intern MSH 2015 (Miami, Florida, USA)

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