MasterClass FilmMusic


MSH MasterClass FilmMusic: 
June 23rd - June 25th 2017
Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus (, Hamburg-Blankenese 
Instructor: Joe Kraemer
Tuition Fee: 1.200,00 € (incl. 19% VAT)
Working language: English
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Joe Kraemer
is an American composer for film and television. His credits include The Way of the Gun (2000), Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) and Jack Reacher (2012) as well as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).

MasterClass FilmMusic offers the unique opportunity to gather practical experiences and to receive personal feedback on your own work in close cooperation with a renowned film composer.
Joe will be happy to critique and give tips on your film music sequences, as well as do personal one-on-one coaching on how to make good first impressions with clients, and how to deal with difficult clients.
There is a ProTools work place for each participant but you can also bring your own laptop/MacBook.

The MasterClass is aimed to sound designer, sound engineers, musicians, composers, directors, and producers.
The participants (sound designer/sound engineers/musicians/composers) will receive a homework in advance of the workshop to score their own film music. The results will be part of the discussions at the last day of the workshop.

In preparation for the class (homework), here are two clips from JACK REACHER (USA 2012) by Christopher McQuarrie.
One is an action sequence from Jack Reacher, the other a conversation/drama sequence from Jack Reacher.
Please score your own music to this sequences.

Joe Kraemer’s MasterClass FilmMusic at  MediaSoundHamburg in June 2017 is an excellent opportunity for intense, in-person study.  Mr. Kraemer’s class will touch on the following topics:

- How he begins writing a score
- How he deals with the temp score
- How he overcomes “writer’s block”
- How he chooses the instrumentation for a score
- Motivic development based on character and story
- Composing vs. Arranging vs. Production
... and more.

This 3-day course will be an excellent opportunity to study with Joe, and is currently his last offering outside his upcoming exclusive partnership with the Hollywood Music Workshop.

Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus, Koesterbergstrasse 62, D-22587 Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany


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