MSH MasterClass SoundDesign: 
June 30th - July 2nd 2017, 10:00 - 17:00 H
Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus (, Hamburg-Blankenese 
Instructor: Ben Burtt
Tuition Fee: 1.800,00 € (incl. 19% VAT)
Working language: English
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For Star Wars, he brought the lightsaber to "sound" and created language and sound of the droid R2-D2.
In addition to numerous international prizes he was awarded four OSCARs for his work.

Once again we managed to win one of the most important sound designers of our time BEN BURTT to conduct a three-day MasterClass SoundDesign.

MasterClass SoundDesign offers the unique opportunity to gather practical experiences and to receive personal feedback on your own work in close cooperation with one of the most renowned sound designer of our time.
Ben will be happy to critique and give tips on your sound design sequences, as well as do personal one-on-one coaching on how to make good first impressions with clients, and how to deal with difficult clients.
There is a ProTools work place for each participant but you can also bring your own laptop/MacBook.
We ask all participants to bring their own audio recording equipment.

The MasterClass is aimed to sound designer, sound engineers, musicians, composers, directors, and producers.
The participants (sound designer/sound engineers/musicians/composers) will receive a homework in advance of the workshop to create their own sound design. The results will be part of the discussions at the last day of the workshop.

In preparation for the class (homework), here is a clip from the classic METROPOLIS (1927) by Fritz Lang.
Find also following the briefing by BEN BURTT.

„With regard to the METROPOLIS clip, here is my briefing: Metropolis is a silent film and thus this clip represents an opportunity to attach a wide variety of sound and/or music to interpret the drama. I am open to a wide variety of possibilities and the students should feel free to express themselves from the heart. You could try and be completely realistic with sound or you could be very abstract and impressionistic. You could just create music. Whatever you do, the objective is to tell a story with sound that has a beginning, middle, and end. You should establish a mood, then add sounds in to create a crescendo and ultimately some sort of resolution. I imagine that the sounds, if heard by themselves, would tell a story or at least have a dramatic profile as well.“
(Ben Burtt, May 2017)

Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus, Koesterbergstrasse 62, D-22587 Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany

MasterClass SoundDesign



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